"Real-estate investment and development is continuously changing, and our job is to guide the way."

Our world is dynamic. So is the world of real estate. We see changes in real-estate investment and development as demand and the market change. This is the reality of the word in which HIG operates.

It is important to make a significant contribution to the quality of life we experience on our streets and in our neighbourhoods, villages, towns and cities. We need an innovative approach, an open mind, and room for dialogue. The world is changing; the demand for real estate varies and we provide guidance in this sector without losing sight of the inherent risks and returns.

"Our clients are not identikit clients. So we are not an identikit company."

In the past, people would live or work in the same building for years, perhaps even decades. These days, the need for accommodation is much more flexible. There is a constant change in what people are looking for – their wishes and requirements – and now more than ever supply has to be tailored to the individual. HIG anticipates and responds to the changes on both the Dutch and German markets.

"We translate parties’ interests into concrete plans and do everything possible to realise these plans."

In general, there are three parties involved in real-estate development: local government, end users and investors. These are our clients. These three partners have their own different interests. We at HIG translate these parties’ interests into concrete plans and do everything possible to realise these plans.

Making a difference

"We don’t live on an island."

HIG has been operating for 15 years. We started out as a real-estate investor, but market-led demands encouraged us to expand into project development. This is an ideal match, because we like to have hold of the reins. It means that we can engage at the optimum level with our clients and realise ambitious, long-term projects.

We want to make a difference. These aren’t just words, we mean it. We can make a difference by always open for dialogue, by examining the technologies around us, by innovating, by looking at bigger plans. We don’t live on an island. We don’t live in isolation. Not everything revolves around real estate. We work with our clients to contribute to a liveable and sustainable living and working environment.


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