"Our clients are not identikit clients. So we are not an identikit company."

In the past, people would live or work in the same building for years, perhaps even decades. These days, the need for accommodation is much more flexible. There is a constant change in what people are looking for – their wishes and requirements – and now more than ever supply has to be tailored to the individual. HIG anticipates and responds to the changes on both the Dutch and German markets.

Listening to the user

We maintain real estate, as well as improve properties and make them more sustainable. We do this work not just for ourselves, but for our clients, the people and organisations that will occupy the properties. We listen to the end user and provide as much assistance as possible.

Individual requirements

Our clients’ requirements are unique, so we don’t use standard contracts. We offer tailor-made solutions. Together we help create the conditions for comfortable living and successful enterprise. Sharing ideas with our clients is the most natural thing in the world for us. We work energetically through the entire process to enable or clients to enjoy the best opportunities.


Our dedication to the renovation and improvement of real-estate is within our DNA. Any upgrading of property is in consultation with the client. Investment requires a collaborative effort and the sharing of responsibility. This is what occupies us day in, day out, and our tenants appreciate this effort and reap the benefits.