Real-estate investment

"We translate parties’ interests into concrete plans and do everything possible to realise these plans."

In general, there are three parties involved in real-estate development: local government, end users and investors. These are our clients. These three partners have their own different interests. We at HIG translate these parties’ interests into concrete plans and do everything possible to realise these plans.

Local government aims

The aims of local governments need to connect with the demands of the market and needs of users. They also need to give consideration to the interests of the wider society. The immediate environment and community should profit from real-estate projects. The building or renovation of real estate has an impact at street, neighbourhood, village or city level. This is something we bear in mind.

The needs of the end user

The end user must satisfy its commercial interests. This requires a lot of attention – it’s what underpins our development work, after all. So we pay attention to functionality and are open to constructive dialogue. We focus not only on this generation’s needs. We look to the long term, the application of new technologies, and the issue of sustainability. In each case working in the interests of the user.

Focus on engineering

It has been under-appreciated for years now, but engineering and technology play an ever more important role in project development. They make more and more things possible. Our specialists have an engineering background and are able to assess the value of technological developments and apply them. We seek to identify the need. Current and future need. We anticipate this need.

Risk and return

The end user buys or finances the project. It’s therefore only logical that it wants to see a return. In practice, HIG is often the investor itself. Development and investment fit comfortably side by side. This is where our strength lies. But even if we are not the end investor, we know as much as anyone the things that are important to the investor, including matters in the field of law.

We will always remain involved in the projects that we develop. HIG is always open, critical, progressive and focused on solutions.